My art has never been written about in such an understanding, perceptive and articulate way. I feel like Kelly really understood where I was coming from and I felt my own voice and intentions in everything that she wrote. She is remarkably talented, intelligent, professional and insightful. Working with her has been a game changer and I can't recommend her services highly enough.

Matt Mullins, Santa Fe artist. Read about Matt's artistic process.

Kelly has a natural writing skill that is strong and interesting to read. In writing about our artists, she demonstrated an ability to mine the nuggets of their personalities and to use that information to present them in a way that provided readers with a more in-depth understanding of what motivates them to create.

Aleta Pippin, gallery owner, Pippin Contemporary.

Kelly brings a bright, poetic, knowledgeable and articulate voice to her writings about art. She really listened to what I had to say about my work, read my artist statement and biographical information and then wove together a brilliant new profile about me, my work, and why I do what I do. Her portrayal was fresh, intelligent and alive rather than the heady and incomprehensible writing that can often accompany art and artists. She has an uncanny way of taking information, absorbing it and then refurbishing it into something that sounds completely new and her own while still retaining accuracy of content.

Rebecca Haines, Santa Fe artist. Read an artist feature about Rebecca. 

Kelly has managed our event communications with engaging content and in a timely fashion. We love having her art writing pieces on our website, our exhibition invitations and our own social media postings. She's been a huge help in promoting our shows.

Susan Meyer, owner of Meyer Gallery in Park City