As an arts writer, marketer and curator,

I aim to cultivate art experiences that widen viewer perspectives while bridging gaps between creators and collectors, between artists and the public. I believe that art should be exciting, challenging and engaging - without feeling elitist, stuffy or pretentious. My passion lies in strengthening the voices of contemporary artists and arts advocates through approachable writing, informative outreach and creative collaboration.

my background

My academic foundation in art history and public relations took me from Virginia to New Mexico, where I began my creative career as an intern and interpretive guide at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Inspired by Santa Fe’s creative culture and saturated art market, I entered into the commercial gallery world as an art consultant, marketing director and then gallery director before establishing my own creative communications business. Developed as a niche resource for galleries and artists, my integrated marketing strategies are viable for any creative business, art center, museum or non-profit who seeks an arts-minded marketer.

My freelance work for art magazines and other publications keeps me engaged and passionate about promoting the arts. Whether it’s reviewing art exhibitions locally or traveling to art destinations nationally, I am constantly inspired by the artists, curators, gallery owners and museum directors that I get to interview and learn from. Click here to read these stories in American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, 15 Bytes Utah, and more.

My gallery experience, writing about art exhibitions and interacting closely with artists has naturally led me towards independent curating, and cultivating direct connections between artists and collectors. I believe that owning original art can powerfully enhance your daily life and is the best way to support our working artists.

Let’s work together!

Whether you’re a business needing art for your office, an artist dreading that written biography, a creative business or gallery seeking an arts marketer - or simply a creative professional interested in collaborating - I’d love to hear from you! Click here to make contact.